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Our range of cricket bags, accessories and gear to help you perform on and of the field


Large Stand Up Wheelie Bag

We’ve tried to improve on our hugely popular Stand Up design and we have come up with something that is truly special.


  • New for 2015/16
  • The Professional’s Bag
  • Made from Heavy Duty 1680 Denier Nylon
  • Two tier system: bottom section for bats and clothing and top tier for your gear
  • Stand Up Design that frees up changing room space
  • Internal twin “Bat Cave” compartment for your bats
  • Cavernous main compartment large enough to store full kit including wicket keeping gear
  • Main compartment can be divided in 2 or 3 sections
  • 3 large external side pockets
  • Triple wheel base with handle for easy transportation
  • Dimensions: 100cm x 38cm x 40cm


Available for just $195




Focus Cricket Bag


Large Triple Wheelie Bag


  • New for 2015/16
  • This is our biggest volumetric bag in the range
  • Made from Heavy Duty 1680 Denier Nylon
  • 3 external storage pockets including an additional padded bat sleeve
  • 3 wheel base for stability and ease of transport
  • Dimensions: 100cm x 40cm x 38cm


Available for just $149




Focus professional cricket bags



Medium Wheelie Bag

We here at Focus have come up with some creative ideas to make your life as a cricketer even easier.

  • Ideal Youth bag or social cricketer bag
  • Made from heavy duty 1680 denier
  • 2 large external pockets including a bat sleeve
  • 2 wheel base for ease of transport
  • Dimensions: 80cm x 32cm x 32cm


Available for just $110







Cricket Ball & Spike Bag


  • Our Focus Ball bags are a must for clubs or players
  • Secure your team balls in an easy to carry bag, large enough for the biggest requirements
  • Our Focus spike shoe bags are a must for the elite turf cricketer
  • Keep your spikes securely contained in a snug bag to prevent them from damaging your other kit


Focus Ball Bag – Available for just $25

Focus Spike Shoe Bag – Available for just $20





australian cricket balls



Focus Cricket Balls

Our custom Focus balls.


  • 4pc Turf Ball
  • Premium Alum tanned leather construction
  • Machine stitched for seam shape and superior swing
  • Soft feel core for superb performance and feel off the bat
  • Long lasting and durable performance
  • Designed and extensively tested in Australia
  • Superb training ball suited for Australian conditions


Available now for just $40 each or $420 for a Box of 12 balls ($35 each)




Focus Wrist Bands

Our custom Focus sweatbands.


  • Super soft Terry Cloth
  • Fully machine washable


Available now for just $10






Focus Scuff Sheets

Customise your bats with our innovative scuff sheets.


  • Unique embossed logos
  • Centrally printed Focus shield to highlight the optimum hitting zone
  • Premium quality ‘self healing’ material to protect the bat face from ball impact
  • Focus innovation and customisation setting us apart


Available now for just $15